Our practice was established in May 1975. Over the years we have gained invaluable experience in all aspects of small business environments. We have always endeavoured to provide excellent service for a reasonable cost. Our goal has been the success of our clients in their businesses and to provide them assistance to keep up with the latest technology and dynamism of legal and economic environments.
Our Staff

Fahri Kiamil CPA
Fahri is mainly involved in business advise, income tax audits, and in assisting clients who are in need of special attention.

Peyman Tunas ASA - Bach of Business & Law (Acc)RMIT
Peyman (Pam) is one of our experienced senior accountants specialised in Income Tax in a vast number of industries including construction, newsagents, etc.   She is currently completer her Master Degree in Business Accounting & Law and CPA.

Armagan Erk ASA - Bach of Bus Admin (Anadolu Uni),Master of Business Professional Accounting(Vic Uni)
Armagan Erk is another experienced member of our team. He has been involved in manufacturing and service industries. He is currently managing our Queensland Branch.

Omer Onan -  Bach of Bus (Int Trade) Vic Uni; Bach of Bus (Acc) Monash Uni
Omer is one of our experienced accountants who is extensively involved in small businesses in restaurants, take aways, video shops, tyre importers, and retailing and manufacturing sectors.

Mitat Seyis - ASA - Bach of Commerce (Acc) La Trobe Uni
Mitat is another one of our experienced accountants. He has been involved in retailing, construction and many other industries and has shown exemplary success in handling complicated and difficult accounts.

Sevgi Oksuz- ASA - Bach of Business Accounting & Law (RMIT), AAPI (Insolvency)
Sevgi's exemplary hard working character has enabled her to excel in tax compliance work in retail, construction, restaurant, and take away industries. Sevgi is currently completing her Master Degree in Business Accounting & Law and her CPA.

Hasan Akyurt
Hasan is one of our most experienced accountants mainly involved in non profit organisations, and retailing, manufacturing, and construction industries. His involvement with us is on part time basis.


Birgul Kahraman
Birgul is currently studying accounting in RMIT. She had experience in payroll, workcover, superannuation, and industrial areas. She has been specialised in financial accounts ofself managed superannuation funds.

Cosar Donma
Cosar is our GST and Technology officer. He is extensively involved in BAS accounting and lodgements as well as in software and network management. Beside Fahri, Cosar is our most experienced personnel in the taxi industry He is currently studying accounting in RMIT.

Sema Dilman ASA - Bach of Commerce (La Trobe Uni)
Sema is one of our newer members. She has been involved in preparation of accounts and compliance work and has been gaining valuable experience in the area of small businesses. While fast earning her right to become a fully fledged accountant, she is assisting Omer and Mitat.

Nursu Balin Eser - CPA (Turkey), Bach of Bus Admin (Marmara Uni)
Nursu is a new member of the firm. She has had 5 years experience with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Turkey. She is currently assisting Sevgi.

Ozlem Saricam - Bach of Commerce (Deakin Uni), APESMA, ASCA
Ozlem has gone through training in our firm from very early age. She has gained valuable experience in all areas of accounting and currently assisting Peyman in large and sophisticated accounts.

Ozan Kiamil
Ozan is currently studying accounting in Swinburne University. In addition to accounting areas, he has had experience in company secretarial fields including company and trust formations, and small tax returns. Ozan is currently assisting Armagan.

Aysu Uzunoz - Bach of Science (Ankara Uni)
Aysu is managing our corporate secretarial and centrelink functions. She is well experienced in all aspects of company secretarial matters. She is also involved in our office administration section.

Sevilay Kiamil
Sevilay has been involved in the business for 30 years. She has been the backbone support person in secretarial and office administration.

Aliye Ibrahim
Aliye has had experience in insurance and retail industry and recently took over our payroll, workcover, and superannuation section. She has been involved in matters of industrial relations and employment contracts.

Zeliha Unal
Zeliha is our receptionist and secretary and administrative officer. She has had substantial experience with our clientelle.

Askin Aygun - B.A. (Deakin Uni), Dip Ed, MIAA
Askin is managing our Finance department. He has substantial experience in the finance field with Wizard Home Loans.

Bora Kaya B.BA - Master of Finance (RMIT),
Bora has recently started in our finance department as an assistant to Askin and fast devoloping his skill in Finance area.

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